Pantum Laser Printers

What makes them so special?

In my years of working in the printer industry I have witnessed technology giants like Epson, Panasonic and Kodak  producing their own printers with varying levels of success. The only real consistent trait being the high running costs of these printers. So the arrival of a printer  manufacturer with such strong ties to quality, affordable printer cartridges could be revolutionary for the industry.

Running cost is not Pantums only focus. The printers in their existing range contain a higher percentage of metal and hard rubber components and a longer life printer engine. This is reflected in the monthly duty cycles of their printers boasting 20,000 pages from entry level machine and an impressive 40,000 pages from the high speed printer.

Pantum also have a strong focus on producing an environmentally friendly product that reduces the amount of waste toner by 11% and conserves power as well.

What do you think about them?

One thing that is certain about Pantum is that they mean business. Everything I read on them suggests that they intend to become a globally recognised brand that want to genuinely change printing for both  home and office environments. Their experience in the compatible cartridge industry should serve them well and I hope they are able to gain ground in an industry that has been dominated by big names for as long as I can remember.

In my mind their success is dependant upon one key factor… running cost and there original toners  are available at a price similar to those of remanufactured cartridges for big name printers and to me, that is the reason consumers will be happy to invest in a Pantum printer. You can print for 1.5 cent per page with the pantum printers using original toner cartridges. I speak to dozens of people everyday about their ink and toner cartridge needs and the majority of them would love to buy the manufacturers own original toners, but the prices demanded genuinely prohibit them from doing so.

The fact that  consumers can buy a laser  printer and the running cost, using genuine original toners are similar in price to refilled toner for other brands, is the key to the success of the pantum printer brand. You can purchase a wide range of pantum printers from us at our store in clonmel.




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